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Nevsehir is a prominent city in the Cappadocia Region, known for its unique blend of nature and history. The area's geological movements have resulted in the formation of fairy chimneys, which humans have inhabited throughout the centuries. These natural wonders are adorned with frescoes that bear witness to thousands of years of civilization.

Formerly known as Muskara, Nevsehir was a small village in the Anatolian plateau until the 18th century. Ottoman Grand Vizier Damat Ibrahim Pasha, who hailed from Nevsehir, decided to transform his hometown into a thriving regional center by constructing mosques, roads, and medreses.

Nevsehir is a prosperous district known for its production of grain in the Cappadocia region. It is also home to several historical sites, including rock-carved churches and monasteries, which were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985.

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