Things to Know

The district of Nevsehir is one of the major cities in the Cappadocia Region and displays a beautiful fusion of nature and history. Significant geologic movements formed fairy chimneys there, which became inhabited during historic periods when humans settled inside these natural wonders and adorned them with frescos bearing signs from many-thousand years of civilization.

Nevsehir used to be a small village in the Anatolian plateau called Muskara until eighteenth century, when Ottoman Grand Vizier Damat Ibrahim Pasha decided to transform his hometown into a thriving regional center by adding mosques, roads, and medreses.

Nevşehir is a prosperous grain-producing district in the region of Cappadocia. Occupying a part of this ancient area, it also boasts other historical sites, including rock-carved churches and monasteries. These sites were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985.

Places to Visit in Nevsehir