Things to Know

One of Turkey's newest provinces, Ardahan was previously a district in Kars and stands on a mountain plateau with most its inhabitants living in rural areas. With most of the population engaged in agriculture, carpet weaving is important to young girls there.

The city of Ardahan is surrounded by many small rivers and lakes. The second biggest lake in the region, Cildir Lake got completely frozen during winter months. Fisherman must make holes in order to fish through the ice. There are a huge variety of bird species near this scenic area as well.

The man-made Akcakale Island in the lake was reputedly constructed with the labor of thousands; a temple with Urartian inscriptions on it. Another lake, Lake Aktas, is located between borders of Turkey and Georgia at an altitude of 1,800 meters (5,905 feet) above sea level. It's a shallow lake with small moving islands on it formed by grass and plants.

This small city is a lovely spot with beautiful natural surroundings. The document from its past that we know about is a stone inscription, dating to the 9th century BC and found in Cildir Lake. We also know that people settled into this area in ancient times—from 8th century BC. In 1069 AD, it was captured by Seljuk Sultan Alparslan; in 1551, by Ottomans.

Places to Visit in Ardahan