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Anatolia has hosted many civilizations, including the Lycians and Hittites, as well as Turks who immigrated from Central Asia. The culture of nomadic Turks blended with the Romanized society of settled Romans to create today's Turkish culture, which was influenced by Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Europe and the Aegean. Naturally, given its multi-cultural makeup, life and art in Turkey are influenced by this background.

Turkish people are very fond of eating. Especially dinner is a social event in which all family members like being together and chatting. The oldest member begins the meal, others must follow in order to demonstrate their respect for him or her. Every individual must be considerate and polite.

Dishes are often cooked in liquid, eliminating the need for sauces. Meat, grains, and vegetables are all cooked in the same pan to enhance the flavor and taste of the meal. Dolma-stuffed veggies are a staple of Turkish cuisine. Vine leaves, peppers, eggplants, mackerel, and mussels may all be stuffed.

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