Things to Know

Kirsehir is a district in central Anatolia with about 235,000 inhabitants. It is at 985 meters above sea level and has the typical climate of central Anatolia: cold winters and hot summers.

Some interesting sites of interest are the Cicekdagi Forest Recreational Area, Terme Hot Springs, Keci and Omerhacili Castle Ruins, CaCa Bey Old Theological School (medrese), Karakurt Baba Mosque; Mucur Underground City and Inlimurat Underground City.

The excavations and research of the recent years have shown that human settlements in Kirsehir started 3000 BC. Pieces from this period are found within tumuli throughout the city. The archaeological excavations undertaken at Hashöyük by Turkish and Italian archaeologists has uncovered pieces of pottery dating to 3000 BC.

Mustafa Nureddin Cibril Bin Cacabey, who was appointed as Emir to Kirsehir in the 1260s, initiated significant construction projects from Turkish time that followed thanks to good relations he established with Mongolians. He founded for example Cacabey Medrese(1272) and Cacabey Inn. Additionally, many big and small buildings were realized during his times.

Places to Visit in Kirsehir