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One of the southeastern provinces of Turkey, Batman is named for the river that flows through it. The Batman River splits up with Diyarbakir to the west and Tigris (Dicle) to the east before reuniting with Tigris later on. The natural deposits in this region make it a key oil production center in Turkey, and its refinery at Batman was its first founded one.

The oldest surviving documents in the area suggest that there were martial settlements as early as 2000 BC, and the province has been home to many different empires throughout its history. The land was invaded by Arabs around 700 AD, attacked by Seljuks in 11th century after being governed by Mongols for a period of time. It became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1514 when it was under Akkoyunlu and Safavid rule at various points through the 1500s.

The modernization of Batman in the early 1950s was fueled by its oil reserves. Modernization led to the construction of a refinery and pipeline between Iskenderun and Batman

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