Things to Know

The city of Gumushane is situated on a main route from Trabzon to Iran at an altitude of 1210 meters (3970 feet) above sea level.

Gumushane is famous for its ancient caves, including Karaca Cave and Akcakale Cave, located in a small village near the city. It also boasts of natural attractions like waterfalls and lakes. Zigana Mountain has ski facilities that are open to tourists year-round.

During the Roman and Byzantine periods, Gumushane was known as Argyropolis. In Greek, "Argyros" means silver and "Polis" means city. It was later ruled by tribes of Arabs, Seljuks, and Ottomans in succession.

Gumushane is an area where you can see both old and new styles of architecture, including Ottoman houses built in the 1700s. There are mosques from various epochs as well as mausoleums, fountains and tombs from the Ottoman Empire period. The city was founded on one of the oldest trade routes in history known as 'Silk Road' so it has many fortresses made during different periods such as Canca, Akcakale, Edire, Kov and Kodil.

Imera Monastery, an ancient Christian church that was built in the 14th century, is located 24 miles from the city center. Other ancient Christian churches are; Metropolitic Church, BALCILAR Church, Hegios Georgios Monastery.

Places to Visit in Gumushane