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Kütahya, a charming small province in the heart of Turkey, is known for its Yagcibedir Carpets and Kütahya tiles. The town boasts an impressive hilltop fortress and the famous cobalt blue on a milky white background can be seen in the Kutahya factory outlets where they produce these tiles from 16th and 17th century designs.

The picturesque town is dotted with old wood and stucco houses, with the Hungarian House and Germian Street houses being particularly noteworthy. Kütahya is also famous for its thermal springs, including Harlek - ilica, Muratdagi - Gediz, and Eynal - Simav, which are among its many natural attractions. Camping facilities are available at Murat Mountain, which also has hot springs amidst beautiful scenery.

In the southwest of Kutahya lies the ancient city of Cavdarhisar (formerly known as Aizanoi), which is a must-visit for an exciting archaeological expedition. The city is home to one of the best preserved Roman temples in Anatolia, the Temple of Zeus, which was built during Hadrian's time and dedicated to Zeus and Kybele.

Kutahya also features a Roman stadium and theater, a Byzantine fortress, the Seljuk Hidirlik Mosque, Balikli Bath, an Ottoman Bedesten, a Saadettin mosque, and the Sengul Bath. The city is home to historic Islamic findings from Aizanoi, which are beautifully displayed in its museum.

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