Things to Know

The city of Isparta exists in a land of fragrant roses and rose products, hosting an international fair in the middle of June every year. The natural springs with peaceful waters are beautiful; there are also many impressive caves throughout the province as well as high plateaus amounting to about 45% of the total region, making it a one of the most beautifully situated cities in the Mediterranean.

"Kirazlidere" is the perfect place to have a bird's eye view of Egirdir Lake, which extends blissfully alongside forests and mountains. The area also offers opportunities for different activities including climbing and fishing--you can enjoy local fish at the restaurants nearby.

The town of the same name can be seen as a rarely beautiful site with Egirdir lake providing charm and ancient ruins being placed around the land. The Ulu (Grand) Mosque according to 15th century is here, along with Seljuk fortress and Byzantine churches. Antiocheia (Psidian Antioch), the ancient city of Yalvac, and ruins at Bayat are also popular sights.

The two national parks in Isparta are the Kovada and Kizildag. The Kovada Lake is made up of bays and beaches, surrounded by forests, and possesses a fresh atmosphere just like the National Park of Kizildag full of thousands of nice cedar trees.

Places to Visit in Isparta