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Sakarya, also known as Adapazari, is a Turkish province situated on the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is surrounded by Kocaeli to the west, Bilecik to the south, and Bolu and Düzce to the east.

Just 5 kilometers south of Adapazari lies Lake Sapanca, a picturesque location offering breathtaking views, water sports opportunities, and excellent accommodation options.

Another attractive holiday resort lies to the north of Sakarya, known as Karasu. This location boasts golden sandy beaches and tourist-friendly areas located 67 kilometers from Adapazari on the Black Sea coast. Akyazi, located 29 kilometers away, is a fantastic thermal cure center known for its strong Geyve (Tarakli) thermal springs and their ability to cure many diseases.

The region of Sakarya has a rich history dating back to 378 BC, with numerous visible remnants of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Among these is the Justinian Bridge, built in AD 533 by Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I. The bridge spans the Beş Köprü Çayı river and has eight arches, stretching for 429 meters. History buffs will find it to be a fascinating sight.

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