Things to Know

Çankırı is located in the Paphlagonia Region, which was once part of Bithynia and Pontus. Eratosthenes, an ancient geographer who lived in the 3rd century BCE, mentioned Gangra as “Gangra”. The name is a local Anatolian term used throughout history by natives and non-natives alike to refer to the city.

Archaeological research in Çankırı revealed that there was an unbroken settlement going back to the Paleolithic Period, with many artifacts (ranging from 600,000 BCE - 12,000 BCE) found.

An hour and a half from Ankara, Çankırı is a great place for nature enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor opportunities, such as camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, photography and hunting. The city's mountains with snow throughout half of the year make it a perfect setting for winter sports activities. A range of natural scenery can be enjoyed at this location: forests lined with rich thermal springs. Poets have often praised their beauty in verse.

In addition to these virtues, the city boasts a few fascinating locations such as Tuz Cave (Tuz Mağarası), storing artifacts dating back to the Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. These pieces of history have been preserved for centuries as well as some cultural values that still exist in modern society. Warm-hearted people coming from all over come with promises of traditional hospitality.

Places to Visit in Cankiri