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Çankırı, located in the Paphlagonia Region, has a rich history dating back to the Paleolithic Period. The city was known as Gangra in ancient times and was referred to as such by both natives and non-natives.

Recent archaeological excavations in Çankırı have unearthed numerous artifacts, dating back to 600,000 BCE, which provide a glimpse into the city's fascinating history. Located just an hour and a half away from Ankara, Çankırı offers ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts to engage in outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, photography, and hunting. The city's snow-capped mountains make it an ideal location for winter sports activities.

The city's natural beauty is breathtaking, with lush forests and thermal springs. Many poets have immortalized the city's natural splendor in verse throughout the centuries. Additionally, the city is home to Tuz Cave, which houses historical artifacts dating back to the Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans. The city's warm-hearted people offer traditional hospitality, making it an excellent destination for those seeking cultural experiences.

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