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Usak is a city located at the heart of Western Anatolia, with a history of habitation dating back to 5000 BC. Its location places it between four different regions in Turkey: Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolian, and Mediterranean regions, giving it a continental climate.

Throughout history, Usak has been the site of many invasions and settlements by various civilizations, as evidenced by the city walls and inscriptions found in numerous districts. For those interested in history, the archaeological museum is definitely worth a visit, as it houses finds from different periods in history. One of the most notable exhibits is the Karun Treasures, which date back to before the Iron Age and were looted in the 1960s before being returned to Usak by the New York Metropolitan Museum in 1993.

Usak is also famous for its high-quality cotton cloth and bed sheets, as well as its carpets which are renowned for their vibrant colors and beautiful motifs. Additionally, the area boasts many picnicking spots and thermal centers for visitors to enjoy.

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