Things to Know

The city of Usak has been inhabited since 5000 BC, and is situated at the center of Western Anatolia. It enjoys a continental climate and is geographically between four different regions in Turkey: the Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolian, and Mediterranean regions.

Going back to the earliest known civilizations, Usak province has seen many invaders and settlers. The remains are found in numerous districts as city walls with inscriptions on them can attest to that fact. Particularly worth a visit is the archaeological museum that holds finds from throughout history and visitors interested in such things will be glad they stopped by.

The display of Karun Treasures which date from before the Iron Age, looted in the 60's and returned to Usak by the New York Metropolitan Museum in 1993, are best examples of its exhibits.

Usak is an important and lively weaving center which produces high quality cotton cloth and bed sheets amongst other items. The region's carpets are famous the world over for their many colors and beautiful motifs, while picnicking areas and thermal centers can also be found in the area.

Places to Visit in Usak