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Being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, these lands--where the legendary Trojan War of Homer's ILIAD took place and where world events such as the Dardanelles Campaign occurred on both sides of the Straits--are considered to be amongst Turkey's most precious treasures. Troy, the world’s most famous archaeological site and modern archaeology's starting point, is a great example of an oriental city in an Aegean context.

Gallipoli is where honorable World War 1 soldiers are laid to rest. Gallipoli Peninsula National Park (Gelibolu Yarımadası Milli Parkı) was established to immortalize soldiers who lost their lives in this region during the Çanakkale Campaign. The park contains natural beauty such as Arıburnu Hills (Arıburnu Tepesi) and Tuzla Lake (Tuzla Gölü), as well as monuments, tombs, and statues. Green hills, sandy beaches, and blue waters are actual resting place for many brave soldiers who gave their lives here. For foreign visitors, a visit to the Gallipoli Peninsula is usually done as a pilgrimage of remembrance and an effort to commemorate honor. The Allied forces who landed here in World War I were predominately fighting on the side of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Indian troops and French troops. They arrived on April 25th 1915 with plans to attack the Ottoman Empire (fighting for Germany's side).

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