Things to Know

Ordu province is located at the foot of a verdant hill and has one of the calmest and greenest climates in Turkey. It features warm, wet summers and mild winters that support abundant fruit farms throughout. Popular attractions include Caka beach where locals enjoy swimming in the Black Sea.

Located in the Northeast corner of Turkey, Ordu City has a history dating back to the 7th Century BC. Originally ruled by Romans and Pontus, it became part of the Ottoman Empire's Trabzon Province in 15th century and was then upgraded to be its own province after The Republic gained power (1923).

Ordu city holds numerous historical landmarks. The Pasaoglu Mansion, once the home of a wealthy and influential Ottoman family in the 19th century, is now an Ethnography museum and has signs that show how they lived at the time. There is also a remarkable church dating back to 18th century Tasbasi culture center.

Laleli Mosque is an example of the timber mosques in Anatolia and was built without a single nail. Atik Ibrahim Pasha Mosque was built around 1170's, while Osman Pasha Fountain was built in 1842.

Fatsa is another town known for its hazelnut gardens and thermal spa. In the vicinity, there are ruins of a fortress named Bolaman Castle with an 18th century Turkish house built within.

Another important sight is the 19th-century church located in Yason Cape in Persembe . This church has been converted into an archaeological museum. There are “Oil Wrestling” contests in Persembe, which is also considered as a Slow City or Slow Citta'.

Places to Visit in Ordu