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Selime Monastery

Selime Monastery is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing places to visit in Cappadocia region because of its' size. It is the biggest monastery in Cappadocia region with a cathedral-size church. It is thought that it took over 200 years to shape this huge monastery and it is dating back to 08th or 09th century. The monastery was able to house about 5000 people at the same time. The monastery was converted into a caravanserai after 11th century and it has lots of stable sections for the camels.

The caravanserais were the hotels on Silk Trade Road where both the traders and their animals could stay together without any charges for 3 days. This system was started by Seljuk Empire to improve the trade in Turkey and Silk Road was actively used until the Great Explorations have given the opportunity to travel through the oceans in much less time. Selime Monastery was abandoned after 16th century and nobody used the monastery except the shepherds and children of the village who unfortunately gave the biggest damage to the monastery.

Selime Monastery has a very big kitchen with a nice chimney, a water well, a missionary school, lots of storages and living quarters, a church, a chapel and the cathedral. The cathedral is the most important and amazing place in the monastery. The cathedral has two rows of big columns, dividing the church into 3 sections. There used to have a lots of paintings in the cathedral, but most of them are unfortunately damaged due to vandalism and smoke.