Things to Know

Diyarbakır is a historical center in Turkey at the banks of the Tigris River. The city, with many civilizations living there over 9 thousand years, has been on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List. The area was named after a nomadic tribe called Bekir that settled and created the land of Bekir, which they called Diyarbakır.

There is always something waiting to be discovered in Diyarbakır. This Assyrian, Urartian, Mede, Persian, Roman, Byzantine city has been influenced by 33 different civilisations throughout history.

Located in the heart of southeastern Anatolia, the city is adjacent to important cities like Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa and Mardin. This ancient bridge between Anatolia and Mesopotamia is home to a rich food culture and countless historical artifacts. The city also known for its watermelons and watermelon festivals.

Places to Visit in Diyarbakir