Things to Know

Malatya is at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains and was a major agricultural, industrial and stockbreeding center for Eastern Anatolia. The city's fertile plain was famous for its apricot orchards, which made it an ideal location to grow crops. The province of Malatya was known as "Maldiya" (from the Hittite language) in ancient times and is located about 670 kilometers east of Ankara.

Aslantepe, located at a distance of 7 kilometers (4.3 miles), was once Hittite's capital and dates back to the first millennium BC. The main entrance is decorated with statues and reliefs depicting ancient Hittite arts which still exist today.

The medieval town of Battalgazi is located just 9km from the city of Malatya, known in Byzantine times as "Melitene." The Seljuks built a mosque inside the small town in 1247.

The archaeological finds from Malatya are housed in the city museum. Nearly 15,000 artifacts are on display at the museum building, which was first opened in 1969 and then permanently relocated near Kernek Park in 1979.

The museum houses a wide range of collections from the Neolithic, Calcolithic and Bronze Age periods. Additionally, it also features Hittite, Urartian works dating back to Roman, Byzantine Seljuk and Ottoman periods as well.

Next to this museum, there is a nice and original bazaar. Copper objects are sold along an entire street here, and it is a nice shopping place which will make your holiday more colorful.

Places to Visit in Malatya