Things to Know

Aksaray is a province near Cappadocia in the Central Anatolian region. It has many beautiful buildings from Seljuk times, mostly from the 14th century, such as Ulu Mosque and Kızil (Egri) Minaret.

The Sultanhani caravanserai from Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I, built on the Silk Road to facilitate trade and other cultural exchanges between China and Central Asia, is well-preserved. Agzikarahan Caravanserai (travel stops for traders) is a hallowed building that served as an example for later versions of this type, since trading was so important during the Seljuk reign.

Aksaray is strategically located near a number of the most popular tourist spots in Cappadocia, all on display and giving just as much natural beauty mixed with mysticism from history. Viransehir (Nora), which was the military center for both the Byzantines and Romans because of its predetermined location, carries historical remains that date back to their times.

Ihlara Canyon is a 14 kilometer long valley which was formed by the Melendiz River. Within this canyon one can find several Byzantine rock chapels and churches, most of them cut into the valley walls themselves like those in Goreme region. These chapels are called Agacalti, Yilanli , Sümbüllü, Purenliseki Churches or St. Georges Church.

In the Güzelyurt valley, below ground in an underground city form are dwellings from prehistoric periods and also chapels that were carved into the rock. The Monastery valley and Sivisli Church exist too, which is a property which is in need of more visits.

One of the tallest mountains in Aksaray is Hasan, an ancient volcano located among the flatlands of Anatolia. It offers spectacular views for those who love outdoor sports such as climbers and hikers.

Places to Visit in Aksaray