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Aksaray, a province located in the Central Anatolian region near Cappadocia, boasts numerous architectural wonders from the Seljuk period, predominantly from the 14th century. Among them are the Ulu Mosque and Kızıl (Eğri) Minaret.

The Sultanhani caravanserai, constructed by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I along the Silk Road to facilitate trade and cultural exchanges between China and Central Asia, is a well-preserved and historically significant structure. The Agzikarahan Caravanserai, which served as an example for later versions of this type, played a crucial role during the Seljuk reign when trade was of utmost importance.

Strategically located near several popular tourist attractions in Cappadocia, Aksaray offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical mysticism. Viransehir (Nora), the former military center for both the Byzantines and Romans due to its strategic location, boasts historical remains dating back to those periods.

The 14-kilometer long Ihlara Canyon, formed by the Melendiz River, contains several Byzantine rock chapels and churches, most of which are carved into the valley walls like those found in the Goreme region. These chapels, including the Agacalti, Yilanli, Sümbüllü, Purenliseki Churches, and St. George's Church, are awe-inspiring to behold.

In the Güzelyurt valley, visitors can explore underground dwellings and chapels carved into the rock from prehistoric periods. The Monastery valley and Sivisli Church are also worth a visit but are currently in need of more attention.

Hasan, one of the highest mountains in Aksaray, is an ancient volcano situated among the flatlands of Anatolia. It provides breathtaking views for outdoor enthusiasts such as climbers and hikers.

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