Things to Know

Giresun is a city situated in the east of Ordu, near a Byzantine fortress. It is built on a cliff that overlooks the Black Sea and offers a beautiful view of the sea from within its ancient walls. Within the city, there is an 18th-century church that adds to its charm and historical significance.

The cherry, also known as Kerasus, was discovered by the Roman general Lucullus in Giresun in the 2nd century BC. The Kerasus trees brought back to Rome by Lucullus were responsible for the spread of the cherry worldwide.

Giresun Island, located in the harbor, is believed to have been owned by the Amazons who built a temple on the island. Evidence of this ancient civilization can still be seen on the island today.

Several other locations surrounding Giresun are noteworthy, including Kesap, Espiye, Tirebolu, Akcaabat, Görele, and Dereli. Each of these places has a unique natural beauty that complements its rich historical ambiance.

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