Things to Know

The city of Giresun is found to the east of Ordu and was built near a Byzantine fortress. Situated high on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea, this old citadel offers a scenic view that has not been preserved only within its crumbling walls. The city also boasts an 18th century church inside its borders.

In the 2nd century BC, the Roman general Lucullus discovered this delightful fruit called Kerasus and carried its trees back to his country. It was from these Kerasus trees in Giresun that cherry (Kerasus) spread all over the world.

While in the harbor, an island called Giresun Island has been spotted with evidence from earlier times. Here you can see a temple built by Amazons to whom this island is said to have belonged.

Some notable locations include Kesap, Espiye, Tirebolu, Akcaabat, Görele and Dereli which each have a natural beauty to complement its' historical ambiance.

Places to Visit in Giresun