Things to Know

Çanakkale's location, situated at the entrance of Dardanelles, which connects Aegean and Marmara Seas. It is a place where world-leading people come across during ancient times which many important for humanity.

Being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, these lands--where the legendary Trojan War of Homer's ILIAD took place and where world events such as the Dardanelles Campaign occurred on both sides of the Straits--are considered to be amongst Turkey's most precious treasures.

The ancient city of Assos, where philosophy was institutionalized at the time, is an inspirational landscape, home to Aeneas, who founded the city of Rome.

Çanakkale is where honorable World War 1 soldiers are laid to rest. Gallipoli Peninsula National Park (Gelibolu Yarımadası Milli Parkı) was established to immortalize soldiers who lost their lives in this region during the Çanakkale Campaign. The park contains natural beauty such as Arıburnu Hills (Arıburnu Tepesi) and Tuzla Lake (Tuzla Gölü), as well as monuments, tombs, and statues. Green hills, sandy beaches, and blue waters are actual resting place for many brave soldiers who gave their lives here.

Gökçeada is a large island located just across Çanakkale that is the second largest in Turkey. The hills of Gökçeada are covered by olive and pine trees, which transitions to occasional monasteries. Transportation to the island arrives via regular ferry services from Kabatepe, with festivals held August attracting visitors and locals to the island.

When you approach Bozcaada, the first thing that draws your attention is Bozcaada Castle. Afterwards, your eyes will shift to the white houses, restaurants and cafés on the beach. After seeing its wine production facilities in touristy Ayazma district, head over to Poyraz for a sandy beach experience; İğdelik offers beaches of sand as well.

One of the best things to do in Turkey is visit the Trojan Horse, which greets travelers at the Çanakkale Port. The city of Alexandria-Troas was formed around 300 BCE and Saint Paul passed through during his third expedition to Assos. A historical acropolis was built in Behramkale in 6th century BCE with a 238 meter altitude. Visitors should be sure to watch either sunrise or sunset from here with an unobstructed view. There you can visit the temple of Apollo Smintheus from the 2nd century BCE in the village of Gülpınar (formerly Chryse), 25 km from Behramkale.

Several locations in Kazdağı National Park, Pınarbaşı region is a must visit for inexpensive outdoor activities. In Bayramic and Evciler-located north entrance to Kazdaği National Park, camp grounds can be found while Kaklmi, Hamdibey and Akcsakoyun villages are common for nature enthusiasts.

Places to Visit in Canakkale