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Bitlis is a city that has been founded on a deep valley and has played an important role as a crossroads throughout history, especially for travelers on the Silk Road. The city has managed to preserve its historical heritage with buildings such as castles, mausoleums, tombs and madrasas. It's not uncommon to find streets lined with homes dating back to the Palaeolithic Age, while man-made bridges connect different parts of the city.

Throughout history, the region has been home to many civilizations such as the Urartians, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans. As a result, the city boasts a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its architecture, cuisine and traditions.

Located in Eastern Turkey, Bitlis is surrounded by natural beauty, including the Ahlat Tombstones (Ahlat Mezartaşı), which are a Tentative UNESCO World Heritage site, and stunning natural wonders like the Nemrut Volcano (Nemrut Yanardağı) and Nemrut Crater Lake (Nemrut Krater Gölü), as well as the Süphan Mountain (Süphan Dağı). With so much to offer, Bitlis is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, culture and nature.

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