Things to Know

Adana has been a city for over 4000 years, as it was first mentioned in the Hittite period. Adaniia or Atanaiya on Hittite cuneiform tablets is the oldest form of its name still used without change; this proves that Adana has always had meaning to those who found it and lived there long before us.

In addition to being beautiful with many clean beaches, clear nature and an atmosphere made welcoming by Taurus Mountains' rarefied air quality (making you feel like you're walking through fresh snow!), modern day Adana offers much more than just historic sites: from temples in ancient times such places have become mosques- one such mosque housing what may be the most important relics.

If you're looking for a vacation destination that has it all, look no further than Adana. An important city of Ancient Cilicia with fertile lands and strategic location on commercial and military routes, this historical site is home to 18 civilizations from around the world!

Walk through these ancient sites like Tarsus of Mopsuestia which boast beautiful architecture such as Roman baths; visit more than 10 cities in one day by exploring their magnificent ruins including sandstone tombs dating back 2000 years ago. You can also enjoy nature's beauty at its finest here surrounded by green hillsides overlooking fields filled with fruit crops - so different but just as delicious!

Places to Visit in Adana