Things to Know

Rize, one of the smallest provinces of Turkey on the Black Sea coast, is also one of the country’s most important regions thanks to its role in processing and packing tea.

Here, the bright green tea bushes cover entire mountainsides. Views from Ziraat Park in the city offer a panoramic view of this unique landscape.

You may have an opportunity to try one of Turkey's most famous summer treats on this trip, Anzer honey which is extremely rare and limited. You can also buy clothing from Rize Bezi and visit 16th century mosque, Islam Pasha Mosque, as well as see ruins from a Genoese castle.

In the south of Rize, Uzungol is a wonderful campsite at beautiful alpine lake surrounded by mountains and meadows. The perfect starting point for a trekking tour in the Kackar Mountains is Camlihemsin.

In Rize, you will pass by the Storm Valley with a beautiful castle, Zirkale and bridges of Byzantine origin. Next is Ayder, which has many natural hot springs and provides good opportunities for a quiet time surrounded by nature.

Places to Visit in Rize