Things to Know

Located on the Black Sea coast, Rize is a small but significant province in Turkey, known for its role in the processing and packing of tea. The rolling hillsides of the region are blanketed with bright green tea bushes, creating a unique and picturesque landscape that can be enjoyed from Ziraat Park in the city.

During your visit, be sure to try the highly coveted Anzer honey, a rare and limited summer treat. You can also purchase clothing made from the local Rize Bezi fabric and visit the 16th century Islam Pasha Mosque and the ruins of a Genoese castle.

If you head south of Rize, you will find the breathtaking Uzungol campsite, situated on a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by mountains and meadows. For those interested in trekking, Camlihemsin in the Kackar Mountains is the perfect starting point.

As you explore Rize, be sure not to miss the Storm Valley, home to the stunning Zirkale castle and bridges of Byzantine origin. Finally, Ayder offers visitors a chance to relax in natural hot springs and enjoy a quiet retreat surrounded by nature.

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