Things to Know

Aydin, a bustling city in the Aegean region of Turkey, boasts a thriving industrial sector and is renowned for its production of figs, olives, strawberries, and cotton. Once known as Tralles, Aydin is steeped in history, with its museum showcasing relics dating back to the 2nd century AD and architectural marvels that were built during the Seljuk rule.

Folklore and legends permeate the region, often told through traditional dances like Zeybek, which can be played by 2, 4, 6, or 9 players. The dance is characterized by the Efe player's ornamental cotton jacket, striped trousers, knitted waistcoat, cloth anklets, tasseled fez hat, and gaiters.

Aydin is also home to healing mineral springs, with the Aydin spa offering three pools of varying temperatures. Other spas, such as those in Imamkoy, Germencik, and Alangullu, are also located in the province.

The city is situated close to numerous historical sites, including Tralleis, Aphrodisias, Miletos, Alinda, Alabanda, Nysa, Magnesia, Amyzon, Panionion, Neopolis, Mastaura, Antiokya, Gerga, Akharaka, Harpasa, Piginda, Orthosia, and Phygela.

With its seamless blend of natural beauty, coastal culture, and rich heritage, Aydin is a must-visit destination in the Aegean region.

Places to Visit in Aydin