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Kaymakli Underground City

With over 1 million visitors every year, Kaymakli Underground City is the largest one in Cappadocia region out of 34 of them. The city was started to be built by Early Christians in the first years of Christianity to protect themselves from the cruel persecution of the Roman Soldiers. The only official religion in Romans was the Pagan Religion until 4th century and the people who do not believe in that was brutally persecuted by the soldiers. The Christians of Cappadocia found the solution of living under the ground when they realized the soldiers. Kaymaklı Underground City is an elaborate maze of tunnels, caves and one can easily gets lost in this carvings as it is a huge complex.

Similar to all the other underground cities, the most interesting and impresive aspect of Kaymakli is the organised, carved and exceptionally thought nature of the entire city. The city has all the amenities from living rooms, sleeping quarters, stables, kitchens, storage sections to churches and graveyards.

Kaymakli Underground City has been listed as a part of UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. The city has been opened to the visitors in 1964 and 4 levels of the 8 total levels are unearthed. The city has an amazing ventilation system that all the rooms are surroounded by the shafts and all the rooms have equal amount of oxygen. There are 18 separate ventilations shafts in this underground city.

Some Tips

If you would like to visit this place on your own, you can use public buses departing from Goreme bus station. Firstly, you need to reach up to Nevsehir city center and change the bus for Kaymakli town. It is 30 km far from Goreme town but it will take longer from Nevsehir center. It will take over 1 hour to get to the underground city by public buses. It will be same for the guest who are staying in Urgup , Avanos or Uchisar hotels. They need to arrive to Nevsehir city center then they need to find the buses for the town. There is an entrance fee of 42 Turkish Lira per person for the underground city. The GPS Coordinates of the underground city is 38°27'36.8″N 34°45'07.2″E.

We offer Private Kaymakli Underground City Tours for 50 Euro per person including professionally licensed English speaking guide, entrance ticket and transportation. We also have Small Group Highlights of Cappadocia Tour and Cappadocia Delight Tour visiting Kaymakli Underground City.