Things to Know

Hakkari is a city in the southeast region of Turkey, located 130 miles from Van. Situated at an altitude of 1700 meters (5,577 ft), it has high mountains dominating the land, as well as other major elevations reaching 4,000 meters above sea level.

Two of the outstanding mountains for mountaineering and winter sports are Mounts Cilo and Sat, but these are not always open to public due to security risks. The snow accumulating high on these two named mountains forms beautiful glaciers. Zap Valley is a valley through which the road that leads into Antalya passes, offering fantastic scenery. This land has witnessed longstanding histories since people first inhabited Anatolia.

There are many rock drawings and church ruins located in the western regions of Hakkari, along with a medieval fortress history that mirrors the city's past. Within this castle is a medresa (religious school) which was once frequented by locals until about 1900.

Plateaus and high mountains, such as Cilo make the flora here unique. A special tulip plant, which only grows on these hillsides due to their specific climate is known as "upside-down tulip" because of its droplets that weep from its bulb every morning.

Places to Visit in Hakkari