Things to Know

Known for its green space, Bursa is a provincial-level center with over 3 million people located on the lower slopes of Mount Uludag in the Marmara Region. It boasts gardens and parks as well as being in an important fruit growing region.

Travelers in Bursa should not miss the Iskender Kebap, a dish that is famous all over the world and claimed to be one of the best in Turkish cuisine. The candied chestnuts are an exceptional dessert as well, with unforgettable tastes.

The three most notable commodities of Bursa are peaches, urban legend, and the famous Turkish shadow puppets. In Bursa, there are a number of religious monuments to be found such as mosques, tombs (Turbe) and baths that have been remarkable in Anatolia. One example is the Yesil Cami (Green Mosque) with its beautifully carved marble doorway which is one of the most noteworthy pieces in Anatolia.

The Yesil Türbe is a lavish and significant building in the new Turkish style. Just across, you can find the Green Tomb, intricately decorated with a green garden set against turquoise tiles. And next to it the Medrese complex houses Ethnographical Museum which demands visiting.

The Yildirim Beyazit Mosque is important as it is the first one built in the new Ottoman style and is accompanied by the Emir Sultan Mosque which lies in a peaceful setting. The province is decorated with these monuments, each of which are masterpieces. Here are the Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque) built in the Seljuk style, with impressive calligraphic wall decorations.

Another key architectural site is the Muradiye Complex, which features a mosque and tombs of important Ottomans. The Ottoman Museum also offers an insight into customs and culture of people from this era with its lively exhibits.

Bursa offers a range of amazing attractions, including the warm mineral baths. The Turkish baths (hamam) is one place you shouldn't miss in Bursa, and there are many to choose from. Çekirge district's Eski Kaplica (Old Spring) is the oldest not only in Bursa but also in Turkey, while Karamustafa Pasa Baths boast some of the best hot mineral waters.

After exploring Downtown Bursa, make sure to visit the Koza Han, a silk trade center from the Ottoman Empire and an architectural wonder. This building will be at one disposal for you to admire while also adding more memorable memories to your trip.

Places to Visit in Bursa