Things to Know

Tunceli is a province in which the mountains are surrounded by majestic views and has untouched natural beauties. It is 83 miles north of Elazig, having astonishing landmarks featuring steep cliffs with wild appearances.

Beginning around 2200 BC with the Hurrians and Urartians, it changed hands among Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans until finally being annexed by the Republic of Turkey in 1923. Today Tunceli is home to aspects from these periods throughout time including a diverse set of ethnic groups.

There are many important ruins in the area of Tunceli, including Pertek fortress and Mazgirt fortress; it's well worth visiting them on sightseeing trips. Make sure not to miss the old bridges as well.

A nearby location with plenty to do is Munzur Valley National Park which features natural resources. Located near curative mineral springs and streams filled with trout, this site is perfect for fishing enthusiasts as well as mountain climbers. At 3,463 meters (11,361 feet), the park's highest peak Akbaba offers a scenic view that will amaze nature lovers.

Places to Visit in Tunceli