Things to Know

Eskisehir is one of the oldest settlements in this region from 3500 BC. The city was founded during the 1st millennium BC by Phrygians and it has been a historic place ever since. It provides historical interests with its museums; the Archaeological Museum which exhibits all sorts of Phrygian items and sculptures and also houses Ottoman House Museum, which has an interesting collection consisting of local ethnographical objects.

There are three important tombs in the Eskisehir area: Sheik Edibali Tomb, The Kumbet Baba Tomb, and The Cupola of Alemsah. Other historical sites include Phrygian Valley, The Falcon Fortress, the Unfinished Monument, and the Gerdek Rock.

One of the best places to see samples of meerschaum stone, the most valuable and lightest type, is at the Meerschaum Museum.

Some of the interesting ancient sites in the province are Midas Site, which comes from the Phrygian period, and Pessinus-in Ballihisar.

Places to Visit in Eskisehir