Things to Know

One of the Silk Route's most important trade centers in antiquity, Bayburt has attracted a number of visitors through its storied history. People like Marco Polo and Evliya Celebi visited Bayburt during their travels in the history.

The city of Bayburt has a long and distinguished history. It's origins date back to 3000 BC and is the birthplace of the ancient Azzi people, who were followed by Cimmerians in 800BC. The area was claimed by Persians, Medes, Romans, Pontian Kingdom, Seljuks and Ottomans thereafter until finally being fully absorbed into what is now Turkey.

With its Byzantine Castle and Turkish baths still standing, the city is full of interesting sites. Çatalcesme Underground City, Sirakayalar Waterfall and other sites of interest are also worth a visit.

Awarded by the Council of Europe's Museum Prize in 2014, Baksi Museum has become Bayburt's destination for arts and culture.

Places to Visit in Bayburt