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Cappadocia is an ancient and modern name for a spectacular area in Central Anatolia. It's a geological wonderland that comprises the smaller triangle of territory from Urgup to Avanos and Uchisar. Goreme, Ihlara, and Soganli are three major valleys where settlements developed in Cappadocia.

The most significant settlement was in the area of Goreme. In today's open air museum, it is possible to observe numerous churches together, many of which were constructed out of hard rocks. It is believed that there are over 600 rock-cut churches in Cappadocia. The people who needed to hide from Roman soldiers and later Arab attacks carved out these rugged rocks and built subterranean cities to defend themselves against attacks.

Although the lava cooled down, it became solidified by being compacted under its own weight. The hard rocks, formed by the three volcanoes' lava that spurted throughout geologic time, have taken various shapes over time and continue to do so today, giving us wonderful features like as capstones, pyramids, and conical formations with dark-colored caps known as fairy-chimneys.

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