Kekova - Simena Ancient City

Kekova - Simena Ancient City

Kaleköy, formerly known as ancient Simena, is a Lycian coastal city located between the districts of Kaş and Demre, approximately 195 km southwest of Antalya. The city has been inhabited since the fourth century BCE and remains so to this day. Although only one ruin, a castle, is still intact, it provides stunning views of the Kekova region and its surroundings.

The Kekova region includes several notable sites such as the island of Kekova, which is 7.4 kilometers away from the shore and located directly across from Simena. Other sites include Simena (Teimiussa), Aperlai Pier (Sıçak İskelesi), Aquarium Bay (Akvaryum Koyu), and Gökkaya Bay (Gökkaya Koyu).

Kekova - Simena Ancient City

The northern shore of Kekova Island is an area rich with reminders of ancient civilizations that were submerged due to earthquakes. Visitors can see various remnants of these civilizations, such as stone stairs, house ruins, pier ruins, and even structures that are partially submerged in four to five meters of seawater.

Simena, located on the opposite side of Kekova Island, also boasts various remnants of its deep past, including a road that runs along small islands. Overall, the Kekova region is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the rich history and natural beauty of the area.

Simena, an ancient Lycian city situated in Kekova Bay in south-west Turkey, is sometimes referred to as the sunken city of Simena. The city was originally a small fishing village and was later home to the Knights of Rhodes (formerly known as John’s Knights).

The ancient city was divided into two parts: an island and a coastal area on the mainland. Today, Kaleköy, or "castle village", is located on the mainland and is home to fishing boats, structures, and ruins from various eras. This peaceful coexistence of modern and ancient structures is a fascinating sight to behold.

Kaleköy village is dominated by a well-preserved castle that was built partially on ancient Lycian foundations. The castle is located at the top of the village and boasts the smallest amphitheatre in Lycia. At the eastern end of the village, visitors can find a necropolis with some impressive sarcophagi surrounded by old olive trees and overlooking the sea.

In the harbor of Kaleciköy, visitors can spot another ancient sarcophagus that has emerged from the water. Across the bay, on the island, there are several half-submerged ruins of Simena, an old town dating back to the 2nd century AD that was affected by severe earthquakes. As a result, half of the town's houses are now underwater, including the steps leading down to them. Visitors can also see foundations and old ports below sea level, making for a fascinating sight.