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Kirklareli is a city located in the northwestern province of Turkey that shares its border with Bulgaria and is nestled amidst the Yildiz Mountains. This region features a continental climate system and boasts dense natural forests that run throughout the area, providing habitats for various animals such as deer and wild boars.

Kirklareli has a rich history that spans from the Bronze Age to the 14th century when it was captured by Ottoman Sultan Murat I. It has many architectural gems from the Ottoman era, such as Cedit Ali Pasha Mosque, Hizirbey Mosque, Kadi Mosque, and Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque. Visitors can also explore a Turkish bath dating back to 1683.

Nature lovers will appreciate the region's dense forests and plateaus, which offer prime opportunities for hiking, camping, and fishing along rivers or lakesides. The Istranca Mountain Range is an excellent camping site with plenty of recreational activities available. In 2007, Turkey declared Longos Forest a national park to preserve its natural beauty forevermore.

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