General Info

Cappadocia offers several hot air ballooning options for all budgets. The prices of flights range from 70 Euro to 225 Euro per person, and the number of passengers in one basket ranges from 8 to 36 people. Standard flights last 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 hours, while deluxe balloon trips are longer than that. In luxury balloon trips, there will be less people and more time for photography.

When the cost of a balloon flight gets cheaper, the number of the people in the basket will rise. Although the basket size is crucial for a pleasant flight, it isn't the only factor that influences balloon flight pricing; the pilot in command has an effect on pricing as well because better and more experienced pilots are paid more than new and inexperienced pilots.

The cost of a balloon flight can also be influenced by the equipment that is utilized in the activity. Because businesses which renew and utilize most up-to-date ballooning equipment will have higher overhead costs to cover, as well as the entire flight experience being determined by a variety of factors, we recommend using firms who take these elements seriously and professionally.

Balloon Flights in Cappadocia