General Info

Ephesus is a historic area of Asia Minor in modern-day Turkey. It was once considered the most important Greek city and trading center in the region. The city survived multiple attacks and changed hands many times between occupiers, but managed to stay alive for centuries because of its strategic importance as an economic hub.

The Virgin Mary House was shockingly discovered by Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich, a German nun in the year 1812. Sister Emmerich had detailed visions and visited Jerusalem in her sleep where she saw St. John and the Virgin Mary travel from to Ephesus. She remembered seeing a rectangular-shaped stone house which was built by St. John for the Virgin Mary.

Pergamon or Pergamum, was a rich and powerful ancient city in Mysia. It is located 26 kilometers from the modern coastline of the Aegean Sea, northwest of Bergama, Izmir.

Ephesus Area has a lot to see, so we've compiled a list of several different excursions that you can get more information. These are some examples and we can use these itineraries as drafts until you find the perfect trip for you:

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