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Located in southern Turkey, Mersin is surrounded by Antalya and Adana provinces to the west. The province's capital is Mersin, and it also includes Tarsus, a major town with a rich cultural history.

Mersin is known for its modern amenities, such as palm-lined avenues, city parks, and modern hotels, making it one of the most modern areas in the country. Additionally, the province is home to numerous historical sites, and its various beaches offer excellent getaways for swimming and surfing.

The province also boasts a thriving business community thanks to its Free Trade Zone, which attracts businessmen from all over.

Mersin's cultural diversity is another fascinating aspect, as it is a melting pot of different cultures. The birthplace of Saint Paul, the first Christian apostle, Tarsus is located just 25 kilometers away from Mersin and has a cultural heritage spanning 6,000 years. The city of Mersin itself has a rich history, as archaeological excavations at Yumuktepe tumulus have revealed that it was first built 9,000 years ago. In addition to its own cultural history, Mersin is surrounded by around 100 ancient cities scattered throughout Silifke, featuring a unique heritage with Roman-Byzantine influences.

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