Things to Know

Located in southwest Turkey, Burdur is the crossroads of the main roads linking its rural hinterlands to the Mediterranean coast. Foremost among several scenic lakes (including Lake Salda), it was known as a gem of southwestern Anatolia with its traditional culture and folk arts preserved despite rapid industrialization over recent decades.

Burdur has a wealth of natural and cultural attractions, including lakes, caves, parks and plateaus; and the ancient cities, mounds and mansions are just part of its historical heritage.

Burdur's history reaches back to the Palaeolithic era. The city is in the ancient Pisidia region, which includes Isparta and Antalya within its current borders. Sagalassos Ancient City and Kibyra Ancient City, one of the most significant ancient cities of the region and included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are two places you should visit while here in Burdur.

The second largest cave in the world, Insuyu, is located 12 kilometers from Burdur. The cave contains millions of stalactites and stalagmites, along with nine pools which are only 2.150 meters long (but open to visitors for a lengthy 597 meters). Diabetics often visit the cave as it is good for curing diabetes as well.

If you enjoy nature or are a worshiper of swimming and the beach, then you have plenty of opportunities. Centik Beach is 8 kilometers outside the city in Lake Burdur and features stunning natural beauty around it. Salda Lake is an under-catered to camping area with forest surrounding its water that also has a serene beach - worth checking out for sure. Golhisar Lake offers great fishing due to its size and beautiful scenery around it.

Within the province of Burdur there are plenty of historical locations to explore. Sagalassos is one such location, a city with many remains dating back to ancient Roman times. It possesses a large theater that can host 9,000 people, and boasts other archaeological structures such as fountains and tombs from medieval times. The Hacilar district in Burdur also has many historic statues dating to Neolithic age ruins. Kibyra at Golhisar, Cremna at Camlik Bucak, Kumcay and Incirhan are all attractions within the province worth checking out too!

Places to Visit in Burdur