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Located at the crossroads of Aegean, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions, Denizli's geographical location has made it a hub for many civilizations.

Denizli, a historic city at the ancient crossroads of many civilizations, is known for its UNESCO World Heritage site Hierapolis. The natural and cultural beauties in Denizli are unmatched by any other destination in Turkey.

Denizli city, which is located in the southwest of Anatolia and southeast of Aegean Region, has been home to many civilizations during ancient times because it was a communication and trade center. It includes many important ancient cities such as Colossae, Tripolis, Laodikeia, Herakleia, Attuda including the Ancient City of Hierapolis that is included in UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List with its natural and cultural heritage.

Denizli is important for a number of reasons. This Mediterranean town houses Laodikeia Church, one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible. It also has been an imperial conquest and trading route destination since ancient times, as well as being located on İzmir-Ephesus Road.

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