Things to Know

Adiyaman, located in southeast Turkey, lies in the central Firat (Euphrates) river region. Archeological research finds evidence of early humans living in the region as far back as 9,000 BC. During the Neolithic Age, Adiyaman had four main cultural centers. Gritille was home to the first settlements and flourished for four millennia until it was finally abandoned about 8000 BC. Hayaz, Ancoz and Samsat were also developed during this period.

Adiyaman was known as "Hisn-i Mansur" during the Byzantine Empire. It hosted many civilizations throughout history including the Hittites, Mittanis, Urartus, Assyrians, Medians, Persians, Alexander the Great and Kommagene. During the 11th century, Adiyaman was a part of the regions that were ruled by both Seljuk Turks and Crusaders. By 12th century, the city had been captured by Ilkhanid Mongols and Mamelukes.

Adiyaman was conquered by the Ottoman Empire during Selim's reign.Adiyaman is rich with historical structures from the Hellenistic era, Romans and Byzantian to those belonging to Islamic - Turkish heritage. These assets are now placed in Adiyaman Museum after their discovery during the salvation work that took place starting 1978. The museum displays items from historical excavations, as well as coins from the Roman empire and Seljuk period.

Places to Visit in Adiyaman