Things to Know

Ağrı in Eastern Turkey is the perfect starting point for people looking to explore a fantastical world. The city offers various tourist attractions, and many of them are related to the East. For example, Ağrı Mountain which can be accessed by legends according to which human beings abide there again at different periods and sacred texts such as Noah's ark where they have remained hidden up until today.

Ağrı, where the world’s second largest meteor pit is located, will not only offer its visitors a visual feast, but will also leave unforgettable memories on the palate with its local flavors. The lands of Ağrı seem desolate today; however they have been homeland for many civilizations especially the Urartians, Persians, Seljuks and Ottomans.

The city has spread to the world again as well as sacred texts named after Agrı Mountain-the highest point in Europe where prophet Noah's Ark is believed to have landed at a point that intersects four countries blending history, culture belief and tolerance. You should visit Agri for certain.

Places to Visit in Agri