Things to Know

The city of Kahramanmaras was originally known as 'Markasi' or 'Maraj' in the earliest ages. Kahramanmaras stands as a site of history, having long past filled with numerous invasions. It was once the capital of Gurgum, a Hittite State around 12th century BC. Romans called it Germanicia during 1st century AD and Ottomans renamed it as Mer'as late on.

Inside the citadel there is an archaeological museum displaying Hittite sculptures. The Ulu (Grand) Mosque and the Tas (Stone) Medrese are also important to this region, as they date back to the 15th century, while at Hatuniye and Haznedarli Mosques you can find Ottoman era architecture.

The specialty of the region is famous ice cream made from pure goat's milk and wild orchid roots that grow in nearby mountains. Carved wooden furniture, traditional silver and brass works, as well as handcrafted silk are also typical of this area. Nature such as hunting, fishing, caving and picnicking are not only found here but popular with tourists who come to see the sights.

Places to Visit in Kahramanmaras