Things to Know

The province of Yozgat lies 217 kilometers (135 miles) east of Ankara, and is historically a Hittite residential area in Anatolia. Alisar, one of the main cities during those times, is inside the borders of this province. Places near enough to reflect the central position are Bogazkoy and Alacahoyuk though they are not located within Yozgat.

The Basilica Therma, a 2000-year-old bath in Sarikaya district that is one of the few baths in the world with thermal water still flowing through it is impressive. Excavations began on this Roman bath a few years ago and it has been restored beautifully.

The modern-day city of Yozgat has its foundation in the 18th century when it was founded by Ottomans. Capanoglu Ahmet Pasha, the “Bey” of the Turkmens at that time, established the city which remains today with his Capanoglu Mosque and Suleyman Bey's mosque.

A well known house from the Ottoman period, the Nizamoglu Mansion has been turned into an exhibition area for ethnographical findings. Several other traditional houses like Hayri Inal mansion and Zarife Nine mansion are also worth a visit.

Places to Visit in Yozgat