Things to Know

Like other Anatolian cities, Erzincan's history starts with the Hittites but became important in Seljuk period after the Turks conquered it. There are lots of historical remains scattered around which have been damaged from a variety of disasters. Erzincan is on a major fault line and that's why it has been effected from the earthquakes many times.

Erzincan is located 430 miles east of Ankara on a fertile plain and is famous for its copper vessels and wares.

Ankara's Museum of Anatolian Civilizations has objects made from bronze that were discovered near the Urartian site Altintepe, east of Erzincan. Tercan's 12th-century Mama Hatun Mausoleum features a beautifully carved stone portal.

Bolkar, a 40 km (25 mile) ski resort to the west of Erzincan, provides winter sports facilities for enthusiasts. There's a 1100 m long and 200 m wide medium-hard track with a ski lift.

Kemaliye, a small town with scenic views and a mountainous landscape near the Firat River, is famous for its historic architecture.

Places to Visit in Erzincan