Things to Know

Elazig is the most orderly city in Eastern Anatolia. It was established with the name of Mamurat-ül Aziz by Sultan Abdulaziz to settle some over-population from Harput town. Elazig's history dates back to ancient civilizations, including Hurris, Hittites, Urartus, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. Visitors can see a plethora of ancient artifacts in Ethnography and Archaeology museum in Elazig.

The city is situated on a plain, 1,067 meters above the sea level and near a mountain. People come from afar to trade in crops and livestock. Mining also provides an important economic base for this province where there are deep soil deposits of copper, lead chromium and magnesium.

Keban and Karakaya Dams on the Euphrates (Firat) river along with their artificial lakes, contribute to the growth and general appearance of this rapidly developing city. Keban lake is Turkey's second largest artificial lake after Ataturk Dam.

One of the historic attractions of Elazig is the Byzantine fortress from Harput, 5 kilometers to the north. There are also several mosques from the Seljuk period near here. Lake Hazar, 25 kilometers (15,5 miles) south of Elazig, provides a tranquil site surrounded by mountains. The Buzluk Cave northeast of Elazig in 12 kilometers is an interesting cave which remains cool during summer months and warm during winter despite being located in a harsh continental climate at this latitude that gets frost over most winters and often dips below 0 degrees Celsius for more than three months out of any given year. Also, 30 kilometers into town there is a small ski resort with trails on Hazarbaba mountain where you can ski.

For those who are interested in nature, faith, history, sports and gastronomy, Elazığ awaits you with its many assets worth exploring!

Places to Visit in Elazig