Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park

The Dilek Peninsula National Park, established in 1966, is considered as one of Turkey's most significant natural treasures, encompassing a vast area of 27.598 hectares, which includes two distinct regions: the Dilek Peninsula National Park that spans over 10.985 hectares, and the Great Menderes Delta National Park grounds that occupy 16.613 hectares.

Located on the Dilek Peninsula, this mountainous park extends over an area of 277 square kilometers and offers breathtaking views of expansive forests, coastal wetlands, sandy beaches ideal for swimming, and abundant opportunities for bird watching. The park is easily accessible from Kusadasi-Söke by highway and has facilities for tents and caravans, as well as food options available on-site.

The visitor center at the park provides helpful information to visitors, and four semicircular bays featuring sandy or pebbly beaches are located below the road. From the top of a high-security military compound at one end of the peninsula, tourists can witness stunning views of park facilities. This location was previously used by soldiers to observe visitors frolicking on Samos.

Dilek Peninsula National Park

The first beach, İçmeler Köyü, situated at a distance of 1 km from the entrance, is a popular and bustling sandy beach, whereas Aydınlık Köyü, another pebble beach, offers a quieter environment and occasional views of the city in the distance.

A signposted canyon can be seen on the left after traveling over 1km. A forested pathway stretches for 15 kilometers down to the Doğanbey village, which boasts beautiful stone buildings that have been restored by affluent newcomers. The village has cafes with restaurant service and accommodation for guests.

Traveling 6km west of Doğanbey will lead you to the ancient Hellenistic port of Karine, where a local fish restaurant can be found. Beyond this point, hikers will need a permit or a licensed guide. Additionally, there is a 25-kilometer bike track from Güzelçamlı that ends at the entrance to Doğanbey Park.

Kavaklı Burun Köyü, the third bay of Dilek, is situated 1km beyond the canyon entrance. Karasu Köyü, the last beach open to the public, is located 11km from the entrance and is a picturesque location for picnics with breathtaking views of Samos rising out of the sea. Lucky visitors may also spot dolphins or rare Mediterranean monk seals.

All four beaches have free wood-slat seats that are quickly taken, and fold-out chairs and umbrellas are available for rent.

A brown sign approximately 200 meters southeast of the park entrance points to Zeus Mağarası (Zeus Cave), a show cave with refreshing and cold azure blue-colored water in the summer and cozy warmth in the winter.