Bozcaada & Gokceada

Bozcaada & Gokceada


Bozcaada, formerly known as Tenedos, located 4 nautical miles from the mainland is a perfect paradise with it's houses and streets reflecting its ancient architecture. The deep blue sea that surrounds Bozcaada makes the beach tranquil. Hills covered in thyme perfume fill your senses with delight as you wind through them on foot or by car. And lastly, vineyards produce delicious wines not too far away.

It is a startling island you can visit in any season to watch the sun set from the point where the wind roses and Polentos Lantern at its westernmost end, for hiking and cycling on its relatively smooth roads, kite-surfing at Çayır Beach (Çayır Plajı), exploring underwater in bays.

It's a traditional fishing village with narrow, winding streets and brightly painted houses that stretch up onto hillsides like stairs. Bozcaada is covered in pine forests and rich green fields which provide plenty of food for its inhabitants who have lived off the land ever since they came here over two thousand years ago. Indeed, Turkey has been home to many different cultures over time: Roman, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire - all leave their mark on this beautiful country today through buildings that stand as testimony to these times past.

Bozcaada & Gokceada

It is possible to reach the island Gökçeada, which is about eight times the size of Bozcaada as the largest island in Turkey, by ferry from Kabatepe port. The island Imroz has figured prominently in Turkish history and culture and was at one point known as "the last place where the sun sets," since it sits on the westernmost spot of Turkey's North Aegean coast.

Gökçeada has a rich ecosystem that originated in the diversity of its flora and fauna and abundance of water resources. Olive cultivation is an occupation that dates back to ancient times. 300-400-year-old olives are present on the island, providing sustainable vegetation for future generations.

Gökçeada's beaches are considered some of the cleanest in Turkey. Previously recognized by international travel bureaus as one of the best surf centers not just in Turkey, but also all over the world, Gökçeada has great windy climate and a unique geographic structure that makes it conducive for surfing.