Bozcaada & Gokceada

Bozcaada & Gokceada


Bozcaada, formerly known as Tenedos, is a serene island located just 4 nautical miles off the mainland. Its ancient architecture can be seen in the design of its charming houses and streets. The deep blue sea that surrounds the island provides a tranquil atmosphere, while the hills, perfumed with thyme, offer a delightful sensory experience during a leisurely stroll or a drive. The vineyards located nearby produce delicious wines.

Bozcaada is a striking island that can be visited in any season. It is an ideal place to watch the sunset from Polentos Lantern, located at its westernmost point, to go hiking or cycling along its relatively smooth roads, to kite-surf at Çayır Beach (Çayır Plajı), or to explore the underwater world in its bays.

This traditional fishing village boasts narrow, winding streets and brightly painted houses that climb up hillsides like stairs. Bozcaada is covered in pine forests and lush green fields that provide ample food for its inhabitants, who have been living off the land for over two thousand years. Throughout history, Turkey has been home to many different cultures, including the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, which have all left their mark on the country through the buildings that stand as a testament to these past times.

Bozcaada & Gokceada

Gökçeada, the largest island in Turkey, can be reached by ferry from Kabatepe port. Imroz, as the island is also known, is located at the westernmost point of Turkey's North Aegean coast and has a significant place in Turkish history and culture.

The island boasts a diverse ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, as well as abundant water resources. Olive cultivation has been a longstanding tradition on Gökçeada, with some olive trees dating back 300-400 years, ensuring a sustainable future for the island's vegetation.

Gökçeada is renowned for having some of the cleanest beaches in Turkey, and its windy climate and unique geographic structure make it an excellent destination for surfing. In fact, it was previously recognized by international travel bureaus as one of the best surf centers not just in Turkey, but in the world.